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Ivan Páleník

Ivan (Ivo) Páleník
Founder & CMO

He is constantly bragging about his idea of monitoring of accessibility. Let’s say he is not alone with all this. He really needs his team.  Hundreds of chaotic ideas and improvements (caused also by his favorite Redbull drink) have to be managed somehow, and the best way to do so is, by the latest high-tech toy. Besides the fact, that he hates injustice toward the disabled community, he is strict to them, but also tries to motivate and support them with their lives.


Ing. Diana Šilónová MA

Ing. Diana Šilónová MA
Executive Officer

Our CEO can arrange literally everything she puts her mind to. She gives orders, and is able to find a solution for any kind of problem or issue. Everything she had once organized had a perfect outcome. She is a vigorous, direct, and very open person. Her paintings are absolutely stunning. The inspiration comes often from the straw placed in a glass of good wine. (I have to stop now; she is calling me to find out where I am fooling around…)


Peter Žilka

Peter Žilka

He loves fast cars, beautiful women and good trance music (this order can change according to the circumstances).  He keeps a look out for those people who would like to know him too well, because rumors and doubts how capable he is, raise more respect than accurate knowledge. His answer for the question “Why go-ok?” is simple: “Don’t you look around yourself and see the things, and wonder „why“? I dream about the things which do not exist yet and ask myself „Why not? “.


Miroslav Zeman

Miroslav Zeman
CEO of Letmo SK

He is partner of go-ok. He is a manager (and from time to time also light specialist with our presentations). There is no doubt about his managerial skills, he is also a product specialist, specializing in compensation aids for disabled, therefore he has helped many handicapped people in many ways, e.g. he helps these people to choose the right wheelchair, or with the access ramps, and also ceiling systems. He can find solution for almost every issue. Although he is not very punctual, you can rely upon him about all the things concerning his job.  He likes challenges, Bolek Polivka and slovak rice.


Imrich Gulai

Imrich Gulai
Event Manager

He is our youngest member of the team. He is very eager and enthusiastic to help others. He likes to complicate simple things and at the same time he can make complicated things easier.  In the process of monitoring he is able to see many important things others can‘t.  It’s no problem if you don’t understand him; he is kind of from another universe.


Ing. Diana Šilónová MA

Silvia Petruchová
Finance & Accounting Manager

She is the right person for keeping the organization together. She knows her clauses and she is also great in sorting documents and thoughts out to the right places (important ones to various sections, not important straight to shredder). Silvia is responsible for various events, campaigns and other organizational stuff; therefore if you’re lucky, it is possible to see her in action sometimes. She is famous for her attention for detail and “fighting for our rights” so watch out!


Jarmila Marcaide Muzyková

Jarmila Marcaide Muzyková
Partners and Fundraising Manager

Jarmila is a young and ambitious lady with courageous plans and goals. She is daydreaming a lot, but at the same time she does every possible thing to make those dreams come true. Helping others is very important to her, and we could say it is written in her DNA structureJ.  Project go-ok gives her the possibility to implement her skills globally and she is the one helping us with fundraising as a volunteer.

Interesting fact 1: her motto is “In dreams and life nothing is impossible”
Interesting fact 2:  She has overcome her fear of heights by parachuting on her own
Interesting fact 3: Her plan is to jog and travel regularly, even at the age of 80


Veronika Germušková

Bc. Veronika Germušková
Volunteers Manager

She is responsible for the volunteers and tries to make sure win-win strategy is applied. As a part of go-ok team tries to make things simpler and therefore is also a good assistant for the management. Warning: in order to function properly, she needs her amount of caffeine support every day. She likes to see the world through the lens of a camera.

Fly, bzzz


Mgr. art. Zuzana Žúžiová, PhD.

Mgr. art. Zuzana Žúžiová, PhD.

She is professional consultant for the wheelchair accessibility (?), a designer. She tries to help go-ok team with professional consultancy in the area of design and architecture. She sincerely believes in the potential of go-ok project (as we all do). She works now as a researcher for The Faculty of Architecture at STU in Bratislava and she is responsible for the issues like public facilities, increasing accessibility, methods of participatory planning and various strategies for healthy and sustainable city. We are not quite sure what it all means but we are sure about one thing – Zuzana is helping us a lot, and we are very thankful for that.


Barbora Náhliková

Barbora Náhliková
Project manager, international partners

is a fresh graduate, looking for new challenges that shift her boundaries of curiosity. She likes to make things organized and defines them place while believes in people and their potential. She is pleased to advise and help you. Furthermore she loves Slovak folklore, hiking and numbers.


Beata Szeker

Beata Szeker
go-ok Ambassador for Hungary

She has been a social being since she was born – always motivated in discovering the world and the people living in. Following her studies in the field of tourism she found her place at a multinational company where she had the opportunity to learn much about people, communication, problem solving, and many other segments of everyday life. Yet all these knowledges and skills revealed their real values when she started to deal with young people and sign language in her spare time. Currently she is learning as sign language interpreter in Budapest besides her job. As soon as she got involved in the world of the deaf and the young people she was suddenly touched by a special athmosphere that makes her recalling the well-known quote by Gandhi: „You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. She will be our Hungarian focal point for advocating our mission!


Last but not least, we have to mention these important people:

(architects: ondrej, linda, matej, janči, michal; programmers: dušan, lukáš, photograph: milan; volunteers: michaela)

Ondrej, Linda, Matej, Milan, Janči, Dušan, Michal, Lukáš, Michaela

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