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  • Support our mobile application
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there is nothing

...and write several pages about our financial need and the fact that we are missing financial resources for programming our go-ok application for smart phones and tablets. Well yes, we need it! And we want the app! Because we know that with a cell phone or tablet people will appreciate the freedom to go anywhere. Suddenly they will have choices and they don’t have to make hard decisions or try to solve very simple things daily… but they will be more independent – do things they want to do.

Not only this!

With (go-ok) application you can help so much. You can share with us your photos; all the objects, your description, and mark them easily to our map.


Helping each other is something wonderful! ...and we know it.



1. The financial contribution

  • You can send this voluntary contribution to support our year - round activities via bank transfer, internet banking or postal order type U to the main account of the Civil association go-ok, number:


2900899647/8330 (Fio bank)
IBAN: SK8183300000002900899647


2. Simply




5. Through online transfer on portal


Podpora cez portál Ľudia ĽUĎOM


6. Through crowdfunding page


Podpora cez indiegogo



7. Other ways

  • Material contribution (eg. computers, rental of premises for the purpose of establishing the office or organizing the workshops, T-shirts production, organizing of collections, stationery, gifts for the raffle - books, games etc.) or free services (printing, graphics production, web production).



You can call us on +421 / 944732357, or e-mail to info[at]


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